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Q.  Am I required to work at a distribution?
A.  No, working is not required.  We are set up to operate more like a buying club.  Members pay a small surcharge that is added to the wholesale prices we pay.  The surcharges  are what support the co-op's overhead such as rent, utilities,and paying those that do work.  This allows members with small children or full time jobs to participate that may not have been able to otherwise.
Q.  Do I have to purchase full cases?
A.  While ordering in full cases result in an additional savings, ordering is actually not required at all.  Some members choose to just shop the organic, non-gmo market.  Many of the vendors that we purchase from do not require ordering by the case.
Q.  Can I get fresh, organic produce?
A.  Each week a list is available with the produce selection that will have over 40 different items that are always certified organic.  Produce arrives fresh throughout the week. Our produce is delivered on a dedicated truck which insures no cross contamination from conventional produce's toxins and sprays. 
Q.  Do you have a source for local meat?
A.  We are currently buying from many local farmers that are our source of organic  100% grassfed beef and lamb, organic free range, pastured chicken and eggs, organic turkey, pork and lunchmeats.  Our farmers do not use a GMO feed of any kind! 
Q.  Are you able to supply sources of food for those with dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance, dairy and other allergies?
A.  YES!  With our vast source of vendors, the availability is endless.  Many have told us that it has saved them from shopping at 4-5 different stores.  Once we get to know our families needs we are able to help direct them to these sources.
Q.  What kind of savings can I expect?
A.  Savings can range anywhere from 20-40%.  In addition to our everyday savings, many of the vendors that we purchase from offer truckload sales and promotions such as overstocks as well. We can obtain these savings because we don't have to maintain an expensive inventory based on what families "might" want to buy and we order in volume that qualifies us for these prices.
Q.  What are some of vendors you purchase from?
A.  We buy from many difference sources such as Frontier Natural Products, Bell and Evans Organic Chicken, Kalona,  Organic Prairie, Organic Valley along with our many local Michigan sources such as Graham's Certified Organic Beef Farm,  Creswick Farms, Oliver Farms, Family Farms Co-op, Roseland Farms,  Almar Orchards, Duerksen Turkey Farm and many more.  Rounding out our vendors is United Natural Foods which gives us  the national brands.
Q.  Is there a fee to belong?
A.  There is a one time fee of $40.00 to belong.  This member fee would cover anyone in your household. We encourage you to shop at the co-op once as a guest before deciding if we are a good fit for you.  Those over the age of 60 would not be required to pay the fee.
Q.  How do I join?
A.  Membership forms are available at the market which provide us with your contact information such as name, email address, phone number, etc. to get you on board.
If you have further questions please don't hesitate to stop or text 248-486-4566.  You may also want to visit us on facebook...livingstonorganicfoodcoop


Lynn Simcheck

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